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Ladies and Gentlemen,

Welcome to the world of Mazarin yachts. We all know that 70% of our planet Earth is covered by water. Enjoying the wonderful time of sailing and yachting on the water has been a long lasting dream of ours. And Mazarin will take your hands and together we will take a brand new life style of living on a yacht.

We are proud that Mazarin inherited the unbeatable German industrial quality gins and the exceptional temperament of the world renowned yacht design teams. Designing and producing solar electric catamarans has been a priority of Mazarin for the past few years. And Mazarin is a leading pioneer in the global yacht building industry. Mazarin is a “Diamond on water”. It is our brand mission to unite high technology and high quality into our yachts, and we are committed to provide the best yachts and service to global customers.

Putting customers first has always been the core value of Mazarin. The establishment of Mazarin China shipyard has successfully set a good example for the yacht industry. This smart move is beyond imagination and it is totally worth it. Mazarin has setup a complete industrial chain in China. The combination of leading technology, advanced materials, German quality control, marketing and after-sales service assures the provision of the streamline service and support to our customers.

Welcome to aboard the “diamond on water”. Embrace the elegance and speed. Enjoy the new world of blue water!

Thank you.

--------President of Mazarin

Mr. Yanwei Mao  


Water Diamond - Mazarin
Water Diamond - Mazarin
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