”Fast and Furious”—Mazarin 72 sports fly motor yacht

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In April, a time when everything is thriving and flourishing, Mazarin organized a “Fast and Furious” event with the 72 sports fly motor yacht-a sport car for the sea. Media with great influences on elite and luxurious lifestyle, fashion and health, high-end travel and yachting field gathered in Qingdao to witness and experience the performance of the yacht. Hurun Report, BAZAAR Men’s Style, FHM, TopDriver, RAMP, China Yachting, China Boating, people.cn, sina.com.cn, Sohu TV and many others have wrote articles about this event.

Media welcome ceremony at Intercontinental Hotel at Olympic Sailing Center on April 17-19th.

Captain Mark Lesueur, a sailor with many qualifications and 30 years experience in yachting, is presenting and explaining the yacht to the media.

Mazarin 72 Sports Fly motor yacht is like a beauty dancing on the waters.

Under the guidance of Captain Mark, reporters and journalists drove the yacht one after another. All of them were quite amazed and impressed by the high performance of the yacht, especially its acceleration and stability qualities.

After the exciting experience of driving the MAZARIN 72 sport fly motor yacht, reporters visited the new production plant that made this yacht. Professionals from the Production Department and Design Department presented and explained step by step about how to build a yacht.

“I learned a lot from the Captain’s presentation and the visit to the shipyard. Driving the yacht is an unforgettable experience. This is a very-well-organized event, very thoughtful and fun!” said Yun Zhou from China Boating.

“The stability of the yacht is fantastic. I didn’t feel any uncomfortable inclination. This is truly an forgettable experience for me.” Said Jing Bao from China Yachting

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